Hire - Crowd Control Barrier - interlocking - 2.1m x 1.1m

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    Easy to install
    2.1m wide x 1.1m high
    Feet attached to frame
    Vertical Pipe infill

    Cost effective to hire

    Hiring crowd control barriers can provide a cost-effective solution for managing large crowds, as they can be easily rented and set up as needed.

    Create a secure area

    Crowd control barriers can be used to create a secure and controlled entry and exit point for large crowds, helping to prevent people from pushing, shoving, or otherwise causing a disturbance.

    Keep crowds safe

    They can help to keep large crowds of people organized and safe, providing a clear and visible boundary between the crowd and the event or area that is being protected.

    A flexible solution

    Hiring crowd control barriers can also provide a convenient and flexible solution for managing crowds, as they can be easily moved or taken down as needed.